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How to Secure Wireless Router? - Tips

Wireless networks names are becoming more popular these days and there are such people, especially the domestic users, who are switching from wired to wireless connections. For wireless network users, if no external wireless wireless protection practice is used, you can connect your network without your knowledge. Therefore, it is important to know how to secure the wireless network.

1. Create a strong router administrator password - If the wireless router does not have a strong password and can crack the password from the outside, then network security may be affected. By allowing unauthorized external access to the router administration settings, it can do so many things that it can take control of the entire network. As a result, it is not safe to use weak passwords, especially default administrator credentials.

2. Rename SSID - The SSID name is the name of the wireless network names. When you are connected to a wireless network, the operating system loads the full list of SSID names that are similar to the person joining the person. It is not fair to use names such as street, nickname and license plate. In other words, SSID Any name that an attacker can guess is where the name came from, should be avoided. A good SSID name is important because outsiders can not tell where the wireless networks come from.

3. Enable Network Encryption - All data transmitted over the network must be encrypted, where it can be configured in the router settings. If the network is not encrypted then there is an opportunity to try to attack the name "man in the middle" on the network. It is recommended that you use Wireless Protect Access Encryption or Wireless Protect Access II encryption.

4. Filter MAC Address - Each electronic device has a unique mac address. Wireless network names Filtering a MAC address ensures that only a specific device can be connected to the network in search of the owner of the wireless network.

5. Decrease in the power of Wi-Fi signal - There is no reason to be strong in the Wi-Fi signal strength in the network villa. Therefore, it is advisable to be very generous by offering free wireless network connections to anyone outside your home. Routers today have a very strong signal power. If a wireless network signal studio is suitable for an apartment, then it can reduce the power by changing the mode from 802.11 to 802.11b.

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